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Massage with Jodie

Jodie Sellen

Jodie Sellen MA



Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Indian Head Massage


Swedish Massage


60 minutes, £40

90 minutes extended or combined session, £60

120 minutes extended or combined session, £75



Jodie has been a Reiki practitioner since 2004 and worked with hundreds of clients and over seventy Reiki students. She has now expanded her practice to include a range of massage, therefore utilising both energetic and physical techniques to promote relaxation and well being. 

Jodie currently works with women clients only.



Some of the many tesimonials received during Jodie's 14 years as a Reiki Practitioner


"Spending time with Jodie is magical. She is intuitive, kind and I felt instantly at ease in her company. You can feel your issues starting to melt away as soon as she starts working on you. I travelled from the West Midlands to work with her and I can assure you it was worth every penny. I gained so much from the experience and will certainly be travelling to see her again." Helena, Commercial Banking Complaints Manager, Reiki Student (One & Two Level)


"I discovered Jodie at a very vulnerable point in my life and, with her healing touch, she helped me feel safe and strong again. Jodie has a unique combination of power and humility, gentleness and strength, wisdom and innocence. I'll be forever grateful that I found her." Menna, Author


"Jodie is a wonderful reiki practitioner and teacher, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone! First of all you lie down and have a totally relaxing experience while she works with your energy, adjusting it and making you feel so much better. Then as a magical bonus at the end she will reveal to you information about yourself about which you had no idea! I can't recommend the experience highly enough." Vicky, Therapist


"In my experience Jodie is exceptional. She is throughly practical and grounded with unique healing ability." Jacquie, Mature Ph.D. Student


"Jodie started me on a journey which has brought happiness into my life and changed my life in ways I would never had dreamed off!" Alex, Dentist


"I gained my Master Degree with Jodie, & found her approach open, warm, calm, & collective, with total respect for Reiki. She is a true example of a professional Reiki Practitioner!" Ami-Lou, Administrator (Funded by NAPP Pharmaceuticals), Reiki Student (Master Level)


"I've completed four levels of Reiki training with Jodie and the experiences have been both exhilarating and satisfying. Her technique and methods are second to none. She is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and attunements with her were very helpful, beautiful and important experiences for me." Agnes, Therapist, Reiki Student (One, Two, Master & Teacher Level)


"I was really glad that had the opportunity to meet Jodie. She is a very kind and understanding lady who can understand her client's needs and vulnerabilities. After seeing Jodie, numerous pains in my body and the head disappeared. I will always recommend Jodie to anyone suffering from chronic pain." Shanuki, Medical Technician, Reiki Student (Level One)


"Jodie is nothing less than a miracle worker. I was a long-term sufferer of chronic fatigue and generalised anxiety, with a decade of therapy and alternative treatments behind me. In the time I've been working with Jodie, I've made more progress than through all the other treatments put together. I only rarely suffer from anxiety and fatigue now, and when I do, I am much better able to manage it. Finally, I am getting in touch with my feelings in ways that actually provide practical solutions. Jodie's approach is wonderfully grounded, nurturing and down-to-earth; she has not only made me feel better but made me feel like an altogether better person." Victoria, Writer


"I came to Jodie at a time of major crisis and change and have continued to see her as things settle down. She has been a supportive and grounding force from the start. Jodie is humble in her gifts, but she is a graceful and assured healer. She respects her clients, and she respects the power of Reiki. I feel she would never ask a client to undertake any healing or any personal challenge that she hadn't faced herself. Jodie very much lives her creed of accepting the gifts and challenges of every day and staying in the flow of life. That's a great attitude to be exposed to when you're going through big changes. We also laugh a lot in our sessions! I find her determination and gentle optimism to be infectious. I was wondering how I was going to get through this period. As it turned out, Jodie's support and healing were a big part of that." Katrina, Mature Ph.D. Student


Working with Jodie is a joy, she is good at what she does and after each visit I have had noticeably, positive changes." Mel, Writer & Corporate Consultant


"You are possibly the most honest person I know. I feel wonderful and calm when I have been to visit you." Helen, Senior University Accountant


"Jodie is a wonderful person, I value her and Reiki deeply, and with Jodie's help and the help of Reiki, my life has truly transformed. I lead such a hectic life, not just in work but on an emotional level, I often think that my energy levels become so drained, however, through my monthly sessions with Jodie, I am able to realign myself and take a little time out not only from the hectic world but from my own mind too... I walk away from each session feeling realigned and incredibly positive. I know that Reiki has helped me to communicate more effectively and not be so hard on myself. Thank you Jodie, I am truly grateful to you." Sarah, Executive PA


"My level two and Master training with Jodie has assisted me in making important changes and decisions in my life. I have found Jodie to be an insightful, dynamic and emotionally savvy practitioner and teacher, who is inspiring, encouraging and intuitive in her approach." Esther, Educational Administrator, Reiki Student (Two & Master Level)


"Training to Reiki Master level with Jodie was simply a mind-blowing experience for me. I chose to train with Jodie rather than other group courses as the one to one tuition appealed to me. Having the luxury of training solo, allowed me to explore, question and discuss the experience as much as I needed or wanted to make it a very tailored learning program and incredibly interesting dialogue. But what I truly enjoyed in Jodie's teaching is her ability and obvious goal to let you explore, analyse , question and understand the experience for yourself rather than serving you with a one fits all programme and that was quite something. The field of Reiki is littered by overblown egos. What you get with Jodie is a solid training, gentle guidance and the encouragement of exploring your own relation and experience with Reiki and that is invaluable in helping you gain confidence, skills and develop your practice. I am eternally grateful for finding Jodie on my road, it was from day one a heart-warming experience, spiced by a fabulous sense of humour full of love care and support. I really hope that our path will cross again, and I want to thank you for making this journey a wonderful one." Anne, Senior Logistics Manager, Reiki Student (One, Two & Master Level)


"Jodie's Reiki and counsel has been life changing but in a gentle way. After each session I feel energised and positive." Peter, University Technician


"Reiki sessions with Jodie are special, to be treasured. She is incredibly perceptive and gentle of soul. I always leave relaxed, at ease with myself and ready to face the world again." Jane, University Administrator


"Reiki sessions with Jodie have helped me move through some fairly big changes in my life, and have acted variously as nurturing space, catalyst, encouragement and healing. Jodie is wise, funny, and challenges where necessary: she never takes herself too seriously and is the antithesis of fluffy-bunniness, and it's impossible not to be impressed by her integrity and effectiveness. Her sessions are always a source of growth and inspiration." Susie, Crafts Designer & Writer


"Coupled with her calm, warm, genuinely caring personality, Reiki sessions with Jodie helped me through a particularly depressive and stressful time. Over six months, regular sessions provided the respite and space I needed to maintain a trajectory of positive recovery. I would highly recommended reiki with Jodie for anyone who is going through a troubled or stressful time, or more generally to anyone who is seeking a space to talk freely about their concerns - and most importantly be listened to appropriately - and learn some calming techniques at the same time." Annie, Professional Fund Raiser


"Due to having recently been through a very tough time in my life I have spent many hours with Jodie. Besides receiving a relaxing and comfortable Reiki treatment I have always found that no matter what my problems Jodie has taken the time to listen and offer advice or support. I'm sure that without this advice and support over the past few months I would not be here today." Ashley, Engineer


"Jodie is a caring and amazing Reiki practitioner. She helped me through a very trying time in my life. I am forever grateful for her support and the healing I received through her hands. The sessions brought me calm in the midst of the storm, enabling me to continue to carry on despite all the many difficulties." Julie, Business IT Consultant

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