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Chiropractic Treatments

Abbe Edwards

Abbe Edwards BA MChiro

GCC Registered Doctor of Chiropractic


Book a session with Abbe:



01223 969888


60 minutes initial session - £46
Concessions including full time students, OAPs and under 16 year olds - £42

20 to 30 minutes follow up session - £40
Concessions including full time students, OAPs and under 16 year olds, £36.



Abbe believes in helping the body to maintain its own health by removing impediments and restoring natural balance. Abbe uses chiropractic coupled with exercise and lifestyle advice to help patients achieve the best possible health. Abbe initially graduated with a BA in Business Administration and worked for many years as a massage therapist helping people recover from a wide range of injuries, before graduating with a first-class honours Master of Chiropractic from McTimoney College of Chiropractic.


Techniques used by Abbe include; McTimoney Chiropractic, Diversified Chiropractic, Torque Release Technique (TRT), Deep tissue massage, Soft Tissue Release (STR), Myofascial Release (MFR).


Outside of treating people Abbe has a wide range of interests, including yoga, which she has studied for many years, fitness, playing the piano, and salsa dancing, Abbe is a UKA qualified dance teacher and has previously taught and performed salsa both in the UK and internationally.


At your first visit your chiropractor will carry out a full consultation and examination to determine how best to help you. This will include a medical history including details of your current problem and any previous history and general health and lifestyle information. Your chiropractor will then carry out any necessary orthopaedic and neurological tests necessary to establish a working diagnosis. This will generally be carried out with you fully clothed, but to enable this please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Your chiropractor will explain what they are looking for with these tests and any findings. Once your chiropractor has arrived at a working diagnosis, and if you are happy to proceed, treatment will be carried out at this time.


For your first visit please allow up to an hour.





At your follow up visits your chiropractor will discuss your progress since your last appointment and carry out more treatment as necessary, along with offering any exercise or lifestyle advice. Again, this will be carried out fully clothed, so loose, comfortable clothing is helpful.


The number of visits you will need varies greatly from person to person and condition to condition, but as a rough guide, the longer a condition has been present, the longer it takes to improve. Your chiropractor will discuss the likely number of visits with you and agree with you a plan of care. Your progress will also be reviewed regularly to ensure the plan is working, or to agree any changes that may be necessary.


For your follow up visits please allow 20 to 30 minutes.





At Chiroworks Cambridge we believe everyone can benefit from chiropractic care, whether you are currently in pain or not, to keep the body functioning at the best of its ability, nip any potential problems in the bud, and to give you the peace of mind of having a regular check. Once your condition has improved, of if you just like the sound of this, we offer regular maintenance visits which would generally be everyone to three months, depending on the individual. You are of course, free to cease chiropractic care at any time.



If you're not sure whether chiropractic is for you, why not come in for a FREE spine check. This is a short appointment where you can discuss your condition with your chiropractor, and your chiropractor can carry out an initial assessment, and offer an opinion on whether you may find chiropractic helpful. If both you and your chiropractor think chiropractic could help, you can then book in for a full consultation.


A spine check will take around 15 minutes, is completely FREE and there is no obligation to book in for further visits.